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Our Team


Dr. Marcellus Davis

Co-Founder & Presenter

Dr. Marcellus (Mar-cel-lus) Davis is an innovative educator and leader who builds programs and authors powerful testimonies on how students of color––African American/Black students in particular––experience schools. With over 20 years working towards racial educational equity in K-12 and higher education, he offers insightful ways to resist white supremacy. His compassion for racial equity and urban development shines with his range of experience, including human relations professor, director of achievement and integration equity and American Indian education, director of equity and engagement, and executive director of a charter school. Dr. Davis' theoretical scholarship includes Critical Race Theory (CRT) and racial identity development, specifically Black identity.

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Dr. Alexander Hines

Co-Founder & Presenter

Dr. Alexander Hines has over 28 years of higher education experience in student and academic affairs, focusing on traditional, non-traditional, first-generation, underserved, and underrepresented high school and college students and families. As an African American man who was a first-generation college student, his passions are in African American/Black identity development and the intersectional identities needed for underrepresented and underserved high school students to gain access to and obtain a degree from higher education institutions. Prior to pursuing his degrees in guidance counseling and student affairs, Alexander served in the United States Air Force (USAF) as a non-commissioned officer for 15 years.

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Dr. Kenneth O. Turner

Co-Founder & Presenter

Dr. Kenneth Turner brings a wealth of knowledge to the field of urban education with his 28+ years of experience. As a leader, teacher, administrator, and principal, he uses empowerment, identity, and inclusion to help communities feel represented and accepted while embracing their gifts. With this focus on our pluralistic community that is filled with cultural diversities, he addresses areas where our educational system is broken. As a person born and raised in the historic Rondo area of Saint Paul, Dr. Turner often presents to audiences that are considered privileged and unaware of issues faced by many students and families in our urban community.

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